Michael McIntyre for Folkestone Comedy fest!

FG ≫ 2009 ≫ Michael McIntyre for Folkestone Comedy fest!

Tickets 25 though! 01303 858 500 #comedy

They're calling it a warm up, tickets are 25! Guess they have to stump up a lot to get a big name like that to appear at a small new venue... Friday 22nd May, get in quick if I was you. Hmm, our baby is due that weekend, think we can still go?

Michael's brilliantly engaging delivery and effortless rapport with the audience have led to him to be hailed as the best new stand up to emerge in a decade and has earned him a sell-out DVD, countless television appearances and an upcoming BBC ONE series, "Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow".

In preparation for his 30 date UK arena tour this autumn, Michael will perform a number of warm-up gigs around the country this spring and summer and we are delighted to be welcoming him to Quarterhouse.

Quarterhouse? CHEESEGRATER, surely, don't they know the name of their own venue?


Lots more lined up for the Saturday1, Sunday2 and bank holiday monday3 too, see standupfolkestone.com4

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