Didn't Sandgate + Folkestone look nice on TV last night?

FG ≫ 2006 ≫ Didn't Sandgate + Folkestone look nice on TV last night?

You'd not have known they went to Folkestone harbour, but Sandgate is all part of our Kentish happy family, being just a short stroll down the hill.

Nice to see The Clarendon get a little look in, that 2000 a month the staff were spending over the bar in the Sandgate Hotel would go a bit further there I'd have thought, it's a great pub, though also possibly in the process of changing hands... Not been there for weeks, so if it's closed in the meantime, someone let me know.

The hotel came across pretty well I thought, not the management of it, but the way they improved so drastically. So now it's been bought has it? Anyone know? Someone phone them up and find out and report back!

If you're interested in other places for sale in Sandgate, please check out the Folkestone Gerald property guide...

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