Blog2008 ≫ Dismantling an Omega pool table

Can I do it myself?

It's maybe time to get rid of the pool table, or at the very least store it somewhere, we kind of need the room... Only one question, HOW ON EARTH do I get it out of the flat? It's too heavy to move, adn too big to fit out the door. I know it arrived in parts, but I was too excited to be paying attention when the delivery guys assembled it. Can't see any screw holes or anything.

Searching online, I see1:

Sledgehammer. My parents have had a pool table for almost 30 years because the previous owner of the house couldn't figure out how to get it out. Good luck.

Hmm, not helpful...

UPDATE: Done it, with some help from Kingswood Leisure2, who I bought it from...

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