Free gig Thursday to find the best local talent for music festival

FG ≫ 2009 ≫ Free gig Thursday to find the best local talent for music festival

Another battle of the bands heat at the Frenchman

Be there to witness the best local bands battling it out for a spot on the main stage at Sellindge Music Festival 2009. On 22nd January, SMF presented Heat 1 of the Main Stage Talent Tournament to a packed venue in Folkestone, and saw The Little Philistines and Burgundy making it through to the final.

This Thursday, five more bands will play their hearts out in hopes of making it through. The bands include Watch This Space, Waterhorse, Us & Them, Monday Street, and Elephants. Two of these bands will be chosen to compete against the Heat 1 winners on 14th March at the much-anticipated Quarterhouse Entertainment & Arts Venue in Folkestone's Creative Quarter. In the end, only one will make it all the way, giving them the thrill of performing in front of thousands of music lovers, on the same stage as international headliners, who are being announced this weekend.

Heat 2 is being held this Thursday the 12th at 7:30pm at The Frenchman, Folkestone (CT20 2SX) and is free to attend. For more information about the Main Stage Talent Tournament or Sellindge Music Festival, visit them on the web at To be the first to know about the official lineup, visit

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