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Yes she did! She actually came off of the Asda carpark and i certainly won't forget5 coming face to face with her smashed on the pavement! Suicide remains the most selfish act ever!!! I CANNOT find it within my self to feel sorry to withold her name i guess. I feel sorry for the man who fell to his knees sobbing and being sick! I wanted to go to him to be honest but my legs refused to move! Asd for what you've been told about people there taking pictures etc on they're phones of it happening? That's utter Bull sh*t! It was surprisingly quiet for the time of day and the ambulance seemed to take forever to cover her body. I could only walkaorund the BACK way to go to the bus station which is where i had been heading for as, like i said my legs wouldn't move forward. that in itself was a very strange feeling and although i'm still a bit shaky today i'm ok. I don't think the poor man that was there will ever have an normal life again!Sensationalism like 'people taking pics' of course does NOT help those of us that were subjected to it and are totally untrue.


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