Blog2007 ≫ Splendid weekended

Great weekend, went to visit the folks and we got down in plenty of time to go to Portsmouth Dockyard1 and see the Mary Rose and the Victory. The Mary Rose was more interesting than I thought, it's not just a big lump of driftwood, but the Victory was less impressive than I remember. One change that I remember from childhood visits, the "Nelson fell here" plaque has been countersunk (at some point in the last twenty or thirty years) so no longer can people joke "I'm not surprised I nearly tripped over it myself". We have tickets for other aspects of the dockyard, including a boat trip around the harbour that I hope we'll get to use on another visit.

Great night out with my Mum and Dad, some FINE pints of Ringwood brewery's "Huffkin" in the [fg=lloyds number 1]Lloyds bar[/fg] in Port Solent and a curry too.

Sunday got some paperwork from Dad, including the wills of my great great grandfather and my great great great grandfather, which I'm sure will be interesting when I can deciper the copperplate writing. We have some more family tree info from someone who it turns out is distantly related, which takes us back more generations than we knew before.

The journey home came around all too quickly, and it was dark, and it was raining, and there was no visibility, and it took us four hours to drive home.

Got an interesting email from someone who'd found this I lost my girlfriend to a rock star post on Folkestone Gerald saying "I was that girlfriend". Neither poster is me, or known to me, but maybe these people will get back in touch and form a beautiful new relationship. Or, more likely, each are married now to other people and two relationships will be crashed against the rocks of internet flirtations. I will keep you informed.

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