Blog2004 ≫ Visions of sinking ships

Mmm, saw a squishing on the road yesterday, not a pigeon, hedghog, or even a squirrel though, which are fairly common, this one was a RAT. This made me think that the rat must have been desparately trying to escape from something to be travelling across a busy road. Was it London itself? Also saw someone get hit by a car on Kingsland Road, car was moving slowly though and the guy just rolled over the bonnet, swore a bit and carried on.

Mmm, nice update from my friends at Ticketmaster, I sold 1400 tickets last month through them. Unfortunately that cash doesn't go straight into my pocket, it goes to propping up, even though some of the tix were probably sold through Folkestone Gerald. Despite my best efforts to promote things like Goldie Lookin' Chain etc, the biggest sellers by far were West End Musicals, including Mamma Mia and Miss Saigon.

What is Stoke Newington fanzine Vague1, not heard of it... if it's new I hope that's not where Sue Heals is moving off to. I picked up the summer issue of N16 Mag in Anglo Asian at the weekend, and was delighted to read that's her last column. There were also a couple of admissions that yes, Stoke Newington is rough, there are stabbings and beatings and lots of beggars, it's not all tea on the lawn with the vicar. This is a big step for them, and I suspect it's a reaction to the letters they received from irate local residents who didn't recognise the Stokey that was written about. Back to the topic of deserting rats, it's ironic that I'm getting back into the idea of Stokey now that we've set a date for leaving.

Do they have a new president yet then or what? I think it's going to be Bush Junior again isn't it. This is dedicated2 to everyone who didn't bother voting.

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