Blog2018 ≫ A Sundayish sort of Saturday

Had a meander around Folkestone today. It's been feeling like a Sunday all day, which is GREAT because we still have a full Sunday tomorrow.

Went to a new Italian that had opened, had high hopes, but it is only an Italian themed cafe rather than a restaurant. It was nice, nice coffee, and the boys had some lovely cakes. But no penne arrabiata... And though it had promised to be a lovely day, and we gone out in only shirt sleeves, it started to rain.

Ran to the Harbour Arm to try and get some bread from Docker, but too late and they had all sold out. Got the boys some burgers though from That Burger. They say they were fantastic, best burgers ever, but they want to be really as they were seven quid each. You can see why people go to Mcdonalds sometimes.

Then to Beano's so Clare and I could eat, haven't been there for ages, that was delicious.

Then back via the Old High Street again and I got some bread from Folkestone Wholefoods. Nearly called in Canterbury Wholefoods there.

Off to Canterbury tomorrow, mostly for lunch but also some shopping.

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