Blog2010 ≫ He cries in the night, Daddy whispers baby it's OK

Up many times in the night

A lovely day yesterday, but a disturbed night, bah. Friends were visiting with their two children for the day, so we had a lovely day around Folkestone, went to Googies for lunch and The Grand for afternoon tea, both smashing, and spent some time at the coastal park in-between. I took The boy on this big slide1 a couple of times, I think I enjoyed it more than he did. Then back to ours for a curry, a very nice day all round.

Something woke The boy a couple of times in the night, maybe a noise, or maybe teething pain. He went back down easily each time. When it wasn't The boy getting me up, it was weird cartoon noises waking us up, tick tick tick ta-da-da-da-da, which we tracked down to a malfunctioning Good Morning Engines2 Thomas the Tank Engine "play a sound" book that seemed to have developed self awareness and was trying to communicate with us. I had to go at it with a knife in the end as I couldn't find a screwdriver small enough to get the batteries out. It's in the bin now.

Been to Etchinghill today for a Big Lunch3 street party, but really because it was the nephew's first birthday. Was very nice and hot, turned into a bit of a water fight which I mostly avoided.

Fridge is still broke, a repairman is coming on Tuesday. Luckily we have a beer fridge which we have turned up to max and it seems to be up to the job. We're buying milk for the boy daily anyway so nothing's in there that long, except for wine. And to be fair that does not stay in there long.

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