Blog2006 ≫ Moody lighting

Hmm, it's not just my eyesite, our flat is REALLY BADLY LIT! We need new bulbs and things. Here are our new bookcases:

I thought this looked quite clear on the camera itself, and I've obviously just got used to feeling my way around the flat. It's pretty dark isn't it? That's the new bookcases I've been going on about for months, they're in the flat, in position, and fully laden with books. Actually we've not got room for all our books, we want to get another couple of those I think.

Lost: watched series two episode eleven this week. Getting fed up with it. Going to just watch one more episode, and then give up I reckon... or maybe just one more after that.

Ooh, organic food deliveries in Folkestone, this will be nice if it works out. So long as we can arrange delivery times without our box of food being left out and stolen. Haven't done supermarket deliveries yet for much the same reason.

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