Blog2010 ≫ Still got snow on the ground here in Folkestone

No more falling, wonder if it will. Pictures!

Here's how our back garden looked yesterday. It was snowing heavily when I surfaced about 9.30 or so, but the bright sun had started to thaw it a bit by the time I took this. The roads were clear, but the trees and gardens had a nice covering.


We went out to Etchinghill where there was a lot of snow, the M20 and A20 were both pretty treacherous heading that way. Didn't really get a good picture of how snowy it was out there. Took a drive to Dover in the afternoon just to see, but the snowy scenes just come to a stop as soon as we hit the East side of Folkestone really.

Snow on the way back from Etchinghill: [flickr][/flickr]

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