What a polite letter...

What a polite letter...

Hi guys,

I'm writing in regards to a night we're promoting in Manchester on 26th November. It's called Manchester's One Night Stand & the bands playing are Belle Vue, Poet's Corner, Overtone, The Unexpected & The Provisionals. The price is 3 & the venue Jabez Clegg.

I hope you're updating the website before the date but if you're not then I suppose there's nothing we can do (except get this in earlier next time).

PS Is there an e-mail address to send gig listings to in the future?

I got this is an actual hand written letter, not an email, how quaint... Best thing is, submit your listings here1, cheers!

PS I didn't really spend a grand on breakfast this morning.

  1. listings submission is long gone, it was a popex thing, and then later a Folkestone Gerald thing
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Mon Nov 25 2002

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