Blog2006 ≫ Sorry if you had trouble registering

Sorry you have to register at all to post a comment here1, it's just that I've had trouble with spammers... then once I'd put that in place, my system for registering people was faulty anyway, bah, how many potential recruits have I lost for the Folkestone creative directory2..?

Feels very smoggy today, you can only see blue sky if you look straight up, it's sort of greeny grey if you look up at the sky at any sort of shallow angle.

OUR NEW SOFA oh yeah, it arrived, and it's quite nice.

Only two problems, they gave us the wrong cushions (easy for them to sort out) and the sofa has the wrong colour feet. This might be a bigger one, it's not meant to have those dirty great black blocks underneath it, they should be light to match the rest of our furniture... what on earth are they going to do about that? We've waited ten weeks for this already... What can I do, how much money back should I ask for?

Weasel coffee: it was quite nice. Obviously I have nothing accurate to compare it with, but I don't think it tasted of weasel poo at all. It reminded me of the fresh ground coffee we used to get from the market in Greenwich, where the beans were marinated in things like Amaretto. Not worth paying the price perhaps (it's rumoured to be the most expensive coffee in the world), but if you happen to be round my house any time in the next week or so, I'll make you a cup for free.

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