Blog2011 ≫ The rest of our Folkestone Saturday (daytime)

As well as the best vegeburger in town, we were in Folkestone on Saturday daytime too. It was the start of the Triennial, an arts festival, lots of new public artworks were unveiled and there were things going on everywhere. We went down to the Harbour, saw the new restaurants RockSalt and the Smokehouse. They look good and have definitely contributed to the regeneration, but I am disappointed to see they cook all their chips in beef dripping, so I won't be going in.

We saw the mermaid and other artworks that were a bit underwelming, but it's brilliant to see so many people out and about, most of them visitors from out of town.

We stopped for coffee in Googies and chanced upon some live music, a great piano player and a guy singing opera in the cafe. An unexpected treat, very entertaining. Googies have some drums instead of tables, so the boy wanted to play along to the music, not sure how much anyone else enjoyed that.

Googies also do a very good vegeburger, perhaps there should be some sort of competition? I would be glad to judge it.

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