Blog2009 ≫ Anywhere I roam (part 1.5)

The start of our holiday pictures...

Wow Google street view is great in Rome1, should have done this before we went! Not exactly the most picturesque view there, but it is the entrance to our hotel2.

Have uploaded a few photos from our first few hours in Rome. Don't let these put you off, they're dreadful but it all picks up again the next day! I have added some commentary to them so I won't write much more here. We walked about a bit, to Piazza Navona3, it rained, we were tired. We bought some vino and orange juice (exciting video of that to come I hope), we headed back to the hotel and I fell asleep before I'd finished a glass.

Just to stop it being too boring, here's a real picture of us at a recognisable landmark; The Colosseum.

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