Blog2005 ≫ the friend of a friend (foaf) project

Just added some FOAF info1 to this site, more about it at Not sure how it'll help or what it'll do, I like the idea of there being a completely open and owned by no-one Friendster / MySpace type thing... Wonder if this can be used in a genealogy type way?

News of the day, what is there... not much I'm afraid. Was just thinking yesterday how I don't really do much these days and so don't have a lot to write about. If I'd started this ten years before it would be RAMMED with exciting gigs and things. Maybe it's time to revisit my gigography, found a few more tickets and things at the weekend.

The only things that do seem to be occupying my mind right now are commuting, house hassles, and programming (no please stay with me). Housewise a place on our street got burgled, thieves got into the block and went through each flat in turn. This has made me think maybe we should get a super-uber-front door, as if someone gets into the block when no-one's about, they can take their time smashing their way into the flat, sheltered by the communal hallway. Hopefully one advantage of being surrounded by pensioners where we live is that there will always be someone around, but I don't want to wait until after we get turned over before I do something. So, now I've blogged it, job done, yes? Things to do:

Anything I've forgotten?

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