Blog2006 ≫ BUMS!

Motley Crue are supporting Guns'n'Roses in Dublin1 this Summer, and we're at a wedding that day! G'n'R are playing Download Festival too, can't imagine the 'Crue playing that though. Will there be a normal London date? Will we go? Can't see it...

Today is an odd day, not only is there a crappy grey brown sleety snow everywhere in town, but I'm out for a few beers tonight, and STAYING IN LONDON! What is London like after dark? I have forgotten.

Folkestone weather was good today, maybe this bad weather's here just for me.

Plan for the day: make my HTML valid on PopEx. Mostly it is but I have some wacky UL inside a UL but not inside an LI business going on. Am I being a bit techy for you again? That link is to validate the popex forum, which basically uses the same HTML as here2, so I'll test it all out here first. Get ready for everything to go a bit Pete Tong!

Sorry to be abandoning you for the night the wife! XXX

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