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Hi everyone.

I have just visited an interesting little place in folkestone called Timothy's wine bar.

I have to say it was an experience i will never forget. As soon as i opened the door,the staff welcomed me and took personal time to get to know me, which is very rare for bars these days as most of the time they serve your drink and dugger off to chat to their mates!!!!. So thank you for the warm welcome.

I have to also thank the bartender, who took the time to create an excellant cocktail, which is his signature at the bar.

The night that i was there they hosted a James Bond evening, which was the best night i have had in a long time. People dressed up and the quiz was very good, also with the same cocktail bartender he took the rule of a casino dealer and played the rule spot on, especially like his dealing of the cards.

I hope that those that take the time to read this will, also take time to visit the bar, as i feel folkestone needs this kind of place.It's a hidden gem.

So thank all you guys at the bar and i look forward to seeing you again soon.



💬 Did you go with Gary?

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