Blog2018 ≫ Swedish, meet BALLS

Thing one was in the Charivari this morning, Folkestone's carnival procession, it was really good! Very hot day, we had a nice lunch in Steep Street before the event, and did a little light shopping. Actually only Clare and I had a wrap in Steep Street, the boys had tacos from Uno Mas, and they loved them. We had a look in the new vegan cafe Planet Earth Folkestone and it looked and smelled good. But we had already eaten, so we only got some cake to take home. Next time.

After the procession we were back just in time to see the first goal in England v Sweden, then watched the rest too. Great result, exciting times. Even I am enjoying the football.

After the game I went out for my run, day one of week two of Couch to 5k. Very hot out there, and busy along Princes Parade but it was quite easy. I might get up early tomorrow to to day two, either that or a 6am start on Monday. I'm enjoying this exercising lark, how long will it last?

5k: Five kilometres, just over three miles to you.

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