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After much deliberation, arguing, stress, and a pizza express to diffuse the tension, we got ourselves a TV. Not exactly the one we went in for, we were talked up very slightly, after comparing them side by side. We did see others that we liked more (a very cool Pioneer1), but compensated for price a bit, and ended up with a very nice Hitachi. It was all about what we thought of the picture quality in the demo room in the end, all the technical specs went out of the window (well nearly, see later¹) and we hippytastically went with the one that felt best. So, contrast ratio is a bit lower on this one, though not too worried about that as I read on Wikipedia that these figures are not standardised and could be exaggerated beyond the bounds of accuracy anyway. Also we've got a couple of things that I said wasn't going to inlfuence the decision; a built in digital tuner (we don't have an aerial so can't make much use of this) and a motorised stand (we want to wall mount it). This is just about what it'll look like:

Hmm, smaller than I remember... It's being delivered this week and I can't wait! EXCEPT, now we need to rearrange our front room, get some cabling drilled through walls, and get rid of our other TV somewhere. It's a Hitachi too, offering it back to the bro-in-law who generously gave us it to start with, maybe it can be sold.

¹Back to whether we strictly followed the technical specs of the TVs or not, we did to some extent. Went to look in House of Fraser2 at TV's too, their TV department is laid out nicely and give you a good idea, we thought we saw the same Samsung we were considering at a significantly reduced price there. Checking the specs it was an older TV, still "HD ready" but of a much lower resolution. It was so hard to tell though, we would not have guessed that we were seeing basically half as many pixels on the screen, the picture looked great. So, we didn't completely discount the theory in favour of just a nice picture. The moral of this story is, if you don't have friends who will ask you technical questions about your telly, you can get a great bargain. If you spend your whole day online with the world of information at your fingertips, you might might be more tempted to dig deep.

Stayed in last night, can't afford to go out ever again.

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