Blog2008 ≫ Lost: bit annoying

Watched the new episode, hope you enjoy it if you watch it tonight. I'm convinced the story's still being made up as it goes along, and that there won't be any actual answers by the end of the show. Some new ideas introduced, I'll probably stick with it. But I'm not happy.

Went to the [fg]Dover beer festival[/fg] yesterday, it was good, almost nothing for Clare to drink though, 74 barrels of ale and only thing close to what she might have ordered was one barrel of cider. She did have a porter at one point and quite enjoy it, she'll be converted to ale in no time... We stayed for a couple of hours then headed to the Eight Bells to watch the rugby, good game, rubbish result. Next stop Folkestone, and a look into [fg]Chambers[/fg] with a view to eating, but all the tables were reserved for some kind of private party so we went to the [fg]New Delhi[/fg] for a lovely curry instead. The food there is great, but it's too bright, the atmosphere / ambience is poor, why all the ultra violet lights? Then home to watch Lost and some "top 100 best comedy films" rundown clips show.

Trying to install things on my Linux PC here, slow going though it just keeps hanging part way through. I want a Flickr downloader, with a view to getting all my pictures and their associated meta data down from Flickr now that Microsoft look like buying them, but for that I need to install Java runtime and for that I need to upgrade, and it's a slow old process on this slow old machine...

Today, bit of shopping, bit of visiting, bit of making and eating chilli, mmm...

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