Blog2005 ≫ Ooh, gmail web clips

New feature added to gmail today, little web clips popping up at the top of my email, like this:

[That little screen grab is gone now]

It didn't know automatically that I was in Folkestone (though maybe it could by analysing my mails, hmm) but it throws in interesting stuff and you can customising it by adding other RSS feeds... Who knew Shepway Council or the local Lib Dems would have a feed? This is a nice little feature, I wonder if it'll force in some sponsored content too? Don't forget to add in my rss feeds. If you want a gmail invite, gimme a shout.

Other news for today, KISS have a new DVD out1, (in only 14 years time according to Amazon2, The FT3 have squirrels on their Christmas card4, and Goldie Lookin' Chain are coming back to Portsmouth. Also The Mighty Boosh is coming to Folkestone, and today for my lunch I'm going to have falafel. What was it I was saying yesterday about making more comments on the issues of the day?

So glad it's Friday today, looking forward to a lazy weekend, the evening's this week seem to have been extra short (had a couple of delayed trains) and the mornings extra early and dark and cold.

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