Blog2004 ≫ Folkestone restaurant disappointment

Another great weekend on Folkestone, a bit too boozy though. I woke up on a floor early on Saturday morning not feeling my best, but luckily managed to avoid the strange vomiting bug that brought everyone else down.

Timothy's Wine Bar was a major disappointment, I'd been building it up as some great hope for eating in the area, but it let us down... I will leave the full review to a new correspondent though. We're maybe going to set up a new site just for our Folkestone restauRANTS, I'm not keen for more disparaging comments to be tracked back to me after my experiences with the Cure fans I have heard I made quite an impression on chainofflowers.com1...

Headed to the Clifton Hotel after the meal for some civilised tippling, and did very little today. No progress on the flat but we'll be back in three weeks and again for the bank holiday weekend, and hopefully everything will be cool by then.

I'll leave you with a pictorial treat from the weekend, Jim's potatoes. They were meant to be boiled, I'm sure they shouldn't be that colour or smoke like that.

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