Blog2004 ≫ Bonus day!

Hmm, not a bonus earning type of day, but rather an extra day to the weekend... worked out that if we stay over in Folkestone on Sunday night too, I can still get up at normal time in the morning, use my return train ticket without paying any excess, and only be half hour late for work... so that's what we did, and that's what I want to do every week from now on...

Had an ace weekend, quite full of things, so will have some restaurant reviews to add, went to La Bamba, The Fountain, Wards, Marlowe's, The Office, Chambers, and the New Delhi, in that order.

Went down on the Saturday morning, as we'd seen the Pixies again Friday night, ace again even though we were stuck upstairs. Can't think of many other bands I'd go upstairs again for though. Met up with Mum and Dad in Folkestone, and they'd brought us loads of ace home gifts from Dualit. We tried to get into Paul's for dinner, no joy but La Bamba was very good. Walked part of the way home, had one in The Fountain and then popped into Wards at last, and it was better than expected, fine for a hotel bar anyway and nice and close to home.

Sunday we mostly shopped, unsuccessfully, in Canterbury. Had lunch in a tourist trap type place, and it was good! Also checked out a potential wedding venue, The Imperial in Hythe. A lovely weekend all told, wasn't looking forward to the trip back to and across London, so when we found out there were engineering works, we hatched our plan... dumped the bags and started off our bonus night by heading straight to Chambers. We were joking on the way there about what we would do if it closed, could we still live in Folkestone..? Got there to find it closed! Panic! Luckily bumped into someone who works there who said the quiz was definitely on at 8, so we took a wander along The Leas, and discovered The Office, a new bar that might be where Bottoms was. Couple of pints there, then back to the quiz, didn't do too badly, a long way short of Clare's friends who won though. Then half price curry at the New Delhi to finish off... was NICE waking up in Folkestone today, and the train in was a new one, so got a table and sat and read and breakfasted in comfort, I reckon I could do it every day...

💬 Pixies

💬 Pixies

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