Blog2008 ≫ Nice weekend

Had a good weekend, reasonably uneventful but just NICE! Intended to start off with a quiz at The Grand, but they called Clare on the day to say it was cancelled, for a private function. Good job she had called to reserve a table and left her number, or possibly they googled the number and found out it was us and didn't fancy the competition. Either way, no quizzing action.

Saturday went to Canterbury for a change. Lunch at Ask, actually genuinely for a change - it was a lovely sunny day, and we were hungry right on lunch time, so there was an hour's wait for our first choice. Pasta and vino in Ask were great, and we got a table overlooking the river, splendid. Did a bit of shopping, met up with Dom and Jen for a coffee, spent more than we'd planned in Karl's had a pint in The Parrot, and then home.

There's a food fair on in Canterbury1 next weekend, so looking forward to that. We're going to try and make a proper day and evening of it, maybe even cocktails in The Cuban as a crazily overpriced treat.

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