Blog2009 ≫ No-one was in our house during the 1911 census

Just had a look at the 1911 census1 site and thought I'd have a scan see who was living in our flat at that time. Seems it's no-one! Most of the rest of the street has a record, including 57 (next door) and 63 (two doors along) but not our place or the adjoining building. This seems to tie in with the theory that this building was once a school or something like that, so no-one would have been staying there overnight.

I didn't imagine it was flats in 1911, but it's an odd sort of building, not a converted house, but we still don't have a clear idea what it was. I went to the library once before to look at some old maps of the area, and (if I remember right) the building does not appear on a map of 1890-something but it does appear by 1906. No details there as to what it actually was though.

I've got to get round to taking some pictures and getting it advertised as being available to rent, ready for when we move out... For now, will try and embed one of these new static google maps2 that I've been playing with - they look like a regular google map, but load a lot faster as they're just a snapshot image of the map, with none of the dragging around... So if all has gone according to play you will see a satellite map of our house below, I think that's probably as zoomed in as you can get.

[staticmap point=home]Click through to see the map, if I got it working...[/staticmap]

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