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I have to DRIVE somewhere later, that's not right!

The in-laws are on their way back from Ireland right now, via turtuous train journey, and I have to pick them up from the station and deliver them home. This means I can't start my Friday night drinking routine until after this task is completed... how will Twitter cope without my incoherent blethering?

They were getting the train in to Euston and want the fast train to Folkestone from St Pancras. Clare has told them it's really not far to walk1 but I wonder if they'll try and do it by tube instead. That's got to be eight quid on the underground, scandalous, and you'd end up walking just as far through the tunnels and along the platforms.

We have a cheap Bordeaux2 from Sainsbury's to enjoy once the driving is out of the way. Off to the Goods Shed at the weekend to find something nicer.

UPDATE: Clare's gone to get them, time for a beer! I've still got to drive to Gatwick tomorrow though...

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