Blog2005 ≫ When commuting goes bad

I'm getting bored of this terror alert lark now, last night it took us more than five hours to get home. Got the train as far as Marden1, when we ground to a halt, a suspect package on a train in front of us. So we waited, and waited, and probably should have got off the train at this point. Instead we waited more, until there was an announcement saying we couldn't go forward, we'd have to go back, to Tonbridge. At Tonbridge there weren't enough busses for everyone, and clearly they'd have to go a pretty winding route and only as far as Ashford, so we called Clare's dad Jim for a lift.

While we were waiting we had a burger and a beer in Humphrey Bean, the Wetherspoons. A very fresh faced crowd in there on a Monday night, and it's a huge barn of a place too.

Got home just in time to go to bed, so not best pleased today. Stop the terror, now.

Update: it was a bag of women's clothes. Cheers, whoever you are.

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