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If only he'd get more than ten minutes wear out of them...

If only babies didn't grow so fast, and need changing every ten minutes, these Slayer1 and [AC/DC baby grows](" title="AC/DC baby grow?tag=clarkeology-21)1 would be cool! Or there are loads of cool (but too expensive, including postage) at punkbabyclothes.net2. Maybe not this one3 particularly:

I feel sad now!

Been up since about 6.20 with the little one, that's the time he woke up for a feed - pretty good that he slept through until then for that one, but it meant he was extra hungry when he woke up and would not go back to sleep. So, Clare had to get up to feed him after he scoffed all I had prepared in the bottle. Then hiccups stopped him drifting off for a while, so I talked to him about computers and he finally drifted off in my arms about fifteen minutes ago... Have put him down to sleep on our bed while Clare gets on with stuff. He's lovely when he's quiet!

Going to >Folkestone Harbour< today I think, as it's a nice day. Why >Folkestone Harbour< with the chevrons round it? Trying out [a new thing](" title="nearyoo link here.] on twitter, near.st5, indicate your location by wrapping the location in chevrons like that and they'll do the rest. Good for people like me who are interested in geocoded stuff but don't have a gps on the device they're blogging from. Maybe. Possibly going to watch some of the Lions game too, though it seems a bit pointless now we've lost the first two. Not going to watch the Wimbledon final now either!

Oh, maybe Time I need a changin'1 is my favourite rock baby pun so far...

UPDATE: I spoke too soon, he's awake and he's screaming louder than ever. Looks like he's set for the day.

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