Blog2012 ≫ It's actually hot out there

Just been for my lunchtime walk, and it's sunny and warm out there. I had to take my coat off, though if I'd dared to go out without the coat it would surely have rained.

4500 steps so far today - just because I've been quiet about it, don't think I have given up, I have still been out walking every day. I even walked to The Britannia last night for the quiz. Less about that the better though, we came joint third and lost on the tie break, so no prize.

We had planned to go to the cinema tonight, a once a year event for me (if that) to see The Artist. It's still on in Folkestone, until today only. However, the boy has had his bedtime routine disturbed too many times recently, so we decided not to. We've just started admitting that one or the other of us has actually gone out if the other is putting him to bed (instead of "no, Mummy's just downstairs. Yes she is very quiet. Yes I know that's the third time this week. Please stop crying") and he's not entirely happy about it , so we're back to normal tonight. Will watch it on DVD.

No we are totally not held to ransom by our toddler.

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