Blog2005 ≫ Folkestone on the telly!

Good to see Folkestone on TV, on Relocation, Relocation last night... more in the Folkestone Forum... Wednesday night's a great night for TV, with that, Grand Designs, and Desperate Housewives. We're getting Sky+ installed today, though I don't know when we'll have time to watch any more. Getting a new carpet in today too, it's all go.

Someone in our building is having a laugh, there's a "Vote CONSERVATIVE" sign appeared in the front garden. Pretty sure that's against the terms of the lease.

Good journey in today, still a few minutes late though because of tube probs. Got one of my little commuting challenges RIGHT, in wearing the right jacket - it's hard to guess what will be good clothing for the day in London based on the weather when we wake up by the coast. Also made my tea, and brought my tea with me, this is good, and as usual we got our pick of the tables on the train. Got everything else wrong though, forgot my phone, forgot to charge my IPOD, and put on a jumper that I thought was clean and fresh, and it turns out to have bean juice on it. That's what you get for not being properly unpacked yet, and getting dressed in the dark...

💬 well

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