Couple of Orson tickets up on Ebay

FG ≫ 2006 ≫ Couple of Orson tickets up on Ebay

Get in quick1, though there may be more Orson tickets here. Found these while browsing for tickets for sold out gigs in Folkestone...

In October of 2005 Hollywood's Orson dipped into their collective pockets and flew themselves to Manchester to play at In The City. Little did they know that it was the start of a rocket fuelled journey that would see them go from being an undiscovered gem in the glare of the LA sunshine to top of the UK singles chart in just 5 months!

Now Orson have now released their second single and their debut album on Mercury Records, both called Bright Idea. The single came out on the 15th May and is another sure-fire slice of Californian sunshine from the band that have come to be described by Q as "the sound of Britain on a Saturday night". Bright Idea has already started its assault on the airwaves with an A-List at Radio 1, Xfm and Virgin whilst the video is being played by everyone from MTV to The Box.

The 29th May saw the release of Bright Idea the album. The album was recorded in Hollywood for just $5000, financed by the band themselves, and produced by Noah Shain. The album kicks off with the title track and is followed by #1 single No Tomorrow. From then until the end of the last track, "The Okay Song", Orson deliver a hook laden collection that screams BIG... big guitars, big choruses, big everything. Whether its the funky riffing on "Happiness", the driving frantic rush of "Tryin' To Help", the ballad "Look Around" or live favourite "So Ahead Of Me" everything sounds like a potential hit single. Described as "the missing link between The Rolling Stones and Scissor Sisters" Orson are all set to be the sensation of 2006, this time last year that seemed like an impossible dream.

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