Blog2004 ≫ Return of the jeteye

Tired today, nice weekend, until we started getting back to London... Went to Chambers three times over the weekend, excessive I think, but it's my fave place in town so all the time I can get people to go there I think we should... bought some new kitchen things, arranged for Anthony Cowie1 to measure up for blinds and saw loads of SMART fireplaces at Country Warmth in Sandgate. Widescreen, remote control, it's better than a telly.

Late drinking with friends on Saturday night, where I was maliciously tricked into thinking I could see Mars... "it's very red isn't it... and very bright... and not moving with the other stars... and attached to the top of that mast" are some of the things I should have said but didn't.

Not pleased to be back in London anyway, and then we watched that drama about a dirty bomb attack in the city. Cheery stuff! Can I move to Folkestone full time now, please?

Someone called jeteye.com2 a to-be-launched search engine I'm guessing is hitting this site hard, when are you going to give something back guys?

💬 search engines

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