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We have both eaten here several times before... We both enjoyed our first course ( duck terrine etc and mussels and prawns + parmesan twist etc), However, the main courses were both disappointing... The vegetables were virtuallty raw (especially the beans and carrots) and also overcooked and greasy (the roast/sauteed potatoes).The waitress noticed my expression of disgust and immediately offered some more vegetables as replacement. Full marks as these were delivered in barely a minute.

However, accompanying my 'local teal'(Tasty and well cooked) my 'wild mushroom risotto' was almost non existent and the odd visible rice grain floated away on the vast pool of sauce i.e drowned. Worse, my partner's sirloin steak 'jus' was the most disgusting bovril flavoured gravy and completely ruined and swamped the very tender sirloin steak. This was almost inedible but it was my birthday and neither of use felt like complaining again....

I did enjoy my delicious date/ginger meringue dessert (what happened to the meringue though?) but was not so impressed with the sloppy grainy texture of the plum + port?? trifle. Penny's puds are usually the best but not 100% tonight. I noticed nobody had touched the pears - they looked rather sad and solid, surrounded by dull, fat like substance - where was the glisten?

The Vin de Pays Merlot was very drinkable, but I think you could improve your capuccino - ask an Italian, it's weak. The Irish coffee was delicious as was the nice little touch of mini Easter eggs.

I know it's Folkestone and there's a dearth of good quality eateries but please maintain and even raise your standards. The waiting staff are excellent, as is the setting - please don't rest on your laurels - or it'll be Tinto (Tapas) (Sandgate) in future!!

Best wishes

Jan Mackay (Ms)

P.S. We ate the night of April 15th 2006

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