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FG ≫ 2005 ≫ Expose Club

Looking for details of the Expose Club, Canterbury... Radiohead played there, if the many Radiohead gigography sites are to be trusted, but I suspect that one mistake in any of them would have been copied across the whole lot...

The date in question is 26th Jan 1993... Was it the name of a night at an established venue like Penny Theatre? Or at the uni? I know Radiohead played Canterbury Uni in 1992, supporting the Frank and Walters but this is a different show... Anyone help?

On a barely related Canterbury note, the city was nearly host to Nirvana, according to this quote on nirvanaclub.com1

Andy Pearson2 - Fear & Loathing fanzine3: "Me and a couple of friends used to put on bands at Canterbury Art College, and were offered Tad and Nirvana as a package. The idea was they would be driving back from the European leg through Dover, and they could stop off in Canterbury on the way to the Astoria. We were offered both bands for 350 quid. But the Social Secretary wouldn't underwrite it."

💬 Expose Club = Penny Theatre

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