Blog2024 ≫ Runuary day 28

Twenty-eight down only three more to go.

Started the day with a bit of a lie in, getting up just before 10am. Had to get up then a) shopping delivery coming and b) there's free energy to be had! So I got up, did washing, drying, ironing, put dinner on for later, and sorted out the shopping. Then feeling energised I thought I'd run a bit further today, maybe to Folkestone Harbour Arm and back. But, the wind was in the wrong direction, and I am a wuss. It would have been blowing in my face all the way back, which would be annoying. Better to have that on the way out and a more pleasant tail-wind on the return leg. So I went to Hythe and back, all along the seafront. It's a nice day out there so it's busy.

That pretty much took up my day. I meant to be done with lunch by now, but it's 3pm. I'm going to Tesco when i've finished this soup. Ideally I'd be there about ten to three to be sure of getting the yellow sticker staff freebies, I might be out of luck now. But got to go anyway. Stop wasting time updating the blog.

Just heard of sounds a good venue, was not there in my day.

Sign up here1 to get in on the Octopus free Energy. No-one has done this from following this blog, I might stop plugging this.

Sunny and a gentle breeze, 7 - 8℃.

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