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Noel Gallagher rumoured to be moving to Sandgate

I think this guy's daughter was in my class at school. It's a very long time ago now, infant school I mean, so more than thirty years now. If I was on the facebook we would probably be facebook friends now. But I am not. I think the son was in Kerry's class too.

That covers friends, now for celebrity neighbours. Hot on the heels of the false rumour about Gary Glitter, the latest unlikely tale is that Noel Gallagher is having a house built in Sandgate.

Spent most of yesterday trying to force something from the browser session into a rails model, this is not something you should ever do, I figured this out by the end of the day. We're sending more traffic to our new app today, doing a real split test from so not just asking customers to use it, we're automatically sending some customers there. It's like with new Twitter or something, they can get back if they want to, but if it converts ok (and it seems to be good so far) then we'll send more and more traffic there...

All this talk of traffic and conversion is probably more boring than my usual tech talk. Here see a picture of how nice Folkestone Harbour is going to be. There's a new restaurant opening there.

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