Blog2018 ≫ Too much lunch choice

Went into Folkestone yesterday just for lunch really. There's too much choice these days. I did not even consider Planet Earth Kitchen, as it is an odd takeaway only but mostly selling some kind of stew, I can't quite figure it out. Then I did consider Sister Seitan, and I definitely will eat there again, but it does not feel healthy enough right now, despite being all vegan. The boys wanted tacos so we went to Uno Mas with them. They do have vegan too, though the boys had very disappointingly plain chicken tacos, one with lettuce only and one with cheese only. They gave us a discount as the boys basically did not want any of the good stuff, and then gave us pots of the good stuff to try and get the boys to try them. Thing one did in the end and liked it, so he will go more fully loaded next time. Thing two would not consider it.

Clare walked down to La Caffe Villa to check that out as a possible. They had changed their set up, so instead of big bowls of salad type things for us to choose from, it was all a-la-carte, and nothing for me. So we settled on the delicious Steep Street, and had a wrap each and a buddha bowl to share, and drinks and cakes for the boys too. Lovely!

I walked home from Folkestone, my bit of exercise for the day, and stopped in the Inn Doors for one on the way. It was busy.

Quiet night in for me, though Clare was out again on an extended birthday jolly and did not come home until 1am.

I have to sort out the date ordering on these blog posts, I can't seem to get the time into the ordering too. So "next post" / "previous post" is a bit of a lucky bag, and it's messing with the synchronising of content, looks like stuff has changed when it has not. Blog posting about blog posts, how dull.

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