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⬆️Folkestone on the telly!

it was good to see folkestone - if only they had better trains im sure more people would do your commute - if brighton has one why cant folkestone? also, kirsty was looking fit last night i thought. she's so masterful.

i'm willing to bet all my debt that it's against the terms of the lease now. I suggest that you take it out yourself and then wait to see who replaces it. when that person does, you take action. it's quite often the case that multi-occupation properties allow one tenant to enforce the terms of the lease against another tenant, even though there is no privity of contract. if you can do this, i encourage you to petition your local county court and DO THEM. of course, if it was a Vote Labour sign you should wage a war of violence against them.

lastly, may i recommend that you check the weather forecast when you wake up in the morning. i have a shortcut to the bbc central london weather forecast (which admittedly is notoriously shite) so i know which coat to wear.


💬 There's a high speed rail link on the way

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