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Voodoo #earthquake :-(

Almost certainly not a subject for joking about, hundreds have been killed just south of the capital Port-au-Prince. Although when I came in half way through the news report and heard about the basic houses huddled together shanty town style I thought it was Folkestone that had had another earthquake. No I didn't.

Donate to Save The Children's Haiti Earthquake Appeal1.

The boy slept right through again last night, though he has another cold... something woke us at 6.20 though, an alarm going off somewhere. Didn't sound like a car alarm, my first thought was it's the "someoene's stealing the boy" alarm that goes under his cot, so I ran in there. Obviously didn't think he'd got out of the cot, but... Luckily I did not wake the little snoring boy. Might have been a smoke alarm upstairs or next door I suppose. Did not notice any of the flats being burned out this morning, but perhaps it was obscured by all this snow!

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