Blog2005 ≫ Easter Beaster: Sunday

Sunday, more cleaning and packing, another trip to Fresh and Wild for lunch, and then perhaps our last night out in Stokey. Anglo Asian's always been a favourite in the area, kind of sorry to be leaving that one, not found a sit in indian restaurant in Folkestone that's quite as good yet. Was put off a bit when we got our poppadoms, the chutneys were delivered to us direct from an abandoned table. I know this happens, but they could have at least run them via the kitchen, pretended they'd not been pawed at by other punters before us. The three of us (Clare, me, and flatmate Emma) had our regular dishes I think, seemed only fitting for our last visit; Vegetable Dhansak, Chicken Shaslik, and Butter Chicken. Farewell old friend.

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