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Strange email of the day:

My name is XXXX and I am very interested to hear that you have had strange experiences at the Mayfly1.

I am part of a Paranormal Investigation team called Beyond The Mist and am enquiring if you would allow us to do an Investigation in The Mayfly. We are a professional team and would treat the property with respect

This is our website address (so that you can check we are genuine)

My emphasis on the word "genuine" there... For the record I've never been to the Mayfly, let alone had a Derek Acorah moment there... I have noticed that since the earthquake our house is a lot colder inside than it is outside though, probably an indian burial ground was disturbed or something.

I've run out of disk space, gonna buy me a firewire drive2.

Ah, there's me changing the names to protect the innocent and she's posted on my other site anyway...

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