Blog2009 ≫ Nice day in Canterbury (and FWOTD)

Now trying to get a \"French word of the day\" on #twitter #fwotd #sheep

Planned to go to a car boot sale in Etchinghill this morning, but the weather wasn't good so we did not. Just called into Dom's for a coffee on the way to Canterbury. Took a picturesque route cross country to rejoin the main road to Canterbury and saw some lovely sheep on the way there.


Lunch in Boho, bit of browsing the shops, then home. I drove there, Clare drove back, so we stopped in The Jackdaw for a look, and for me to have a pint. Never seen it quiet in there before, I guess we've only been for dinner on a Saturday night. Looks like they have a shorter menu in there now, don't know if this is a permanent feature or not. Menu used to be huge. They still have a pie on their specials board, I think that's what lots of people used to go for. There's a five bean casserole for those with special needs.

Also tonight we're off to Lanterns for a comedy night1, should be good. Feeling a bit drowsy now though, would rather stay in I think... Had an idea to arrange a "French word of the day" thing via Twitter2. Not sure if there is one out there or not so I have mangled something together3 out of French word a day blog4. Will look for more feeds though.

Time for tea, toasted sandwiches, then OUT!

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