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@musically gives @ticketbot a mention. Also Folkestone Festival tickets!

ticketbot gets a mention in the startups / apps section of Musically daily bulletin1. Haven't thought of myself as a startup!


Ticket Bot mashes up gig ticket sales with Twitter

The latest nifty Twitter-based service is called Ticket Bot, which has been launched in the UK with the promise that it's "trying to find the tickets you're talking about". It looks for people talking about gigs on Twitter, then replies to them with a relevant link to tickets, taking into account date and geo-location. The developer behind it says it's being constantly refined - for example to take account of sold-out gigs - and promises that it will never ever say "thanks for the follow". Link:

Also new festival in Folkestone, on the beach? Or in the Leas Cliff Hall? Can't quite figure it out, see for details. Acts playing include Feeder, Ash, Gary Numan, and more and it's on this August.

[ticket]Folkestone Festival[/ticket]

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