Blog2005 ≫ A day of successful interweb shopping

Finally got my remaining wedding chore out of the way, bought some BOOZE online, hope that works out OK... Also got one of Clare's christmas presents, not for next year, from last year which I had trouble getting and then kept forgetting. Anyway now LOTR Risk is ours.

In other Amazon news we've been slipping behind in our DVD watching, what with spending TOO much time commuting. Got a bundle lined up at home including more Angel (ooh series four's a bit dark) and Detroit Rock City1, which I've never seen. At least the soundtrack's got to be good if the film's not.

While the Folkestone commute has eaten into our TV time, it's not had the impact I thought on my reading - I'm spending more time just gazing out of the window at the delightful Kent countryside. I SWEAR I saw llamas one day, but haven't been able to find them again since. Maybe they were just sheep that were craning to see over a hedge? Still plodding through The Moonstone, and I have a bundle more queued up...

Ma and Pa visiting for the weekend, what little jobs can I get them to do?

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