Blog2006 ≫ I am here

Just been a bit busy with I don't know what. Fending off a few jobs and interviews and things, and then also hanging around the shops like other unemployable Folkestone delinquents.

Yesterday I drove the in-laws to Gatwick, and nearly got in trouble with the uppity neighbour for having an unauthorised vehicle within her line of sight or something.

Today I am left in on my own while the wife goes out on the razz in London; she's just too good for me these days, with her high faluting city ways. I'm taking the opportunity to soak up as much of the TV that she doesn't like to watch as possible, including Lovejoy Cowboys.

Tomorrow the drinking starts in earnest, brother in law from America is visiting for brother-in-law from here's wedding, we will have about 10 days of living it up I think.

That's another DVD burned, back to the lounge again, bye.

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