Blog2007 ≫ I got election

And yay, we did get to vote, at the polling station around the corner from our flat, and it was good. A disappointing range of local candidates, I think I went for the best of a bad bunch.

Farewell then, weeping fig - our big pot plant that we bought from Homebase around the time we moved into the flat is finally dying. Here is a picture of it in better times:


Now it looks like it has bad plant aids, it's a shame. It started going off when the giraffe moved in perhaps he's been doing something unsavoury in the pot?

I should be more cautious about putting pictures of our house online, some people I don't know brought printouts2 of a blog posting either from this website or Folkestone Gerald to the pub quiz on Tuesday for some reason. They didn't speak to me about it, but were showing it to someone else. Probably it was just something I'd written about the quiz, but still, BIT WEIRD. Also flattering in an odd way.

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