Blog2009 ≫ My first go on the high speed rail link tomorrow?

Looks like I have no choice actually.

They do seem to have pulled some of the slower morning services to force people on to the high speed link, looks like that's going to be more expensive then... My only cheap option is Folkestone to Charing Cross at 05.37! AM! After that it's high speed or nothing, though as some of these involve a change they won't actually be that high speed at all. I really thought I would probably be getting the normal service but if there was a high speed one sort of near the time I needed to get there I would talk myself on to it, but actually I have no choice! Next trains after that are the 06.54 into Kings Cross (actually fast, under an hour from Folkestone but too early) and then 07.17 (one hour 7 minutes), they do seem to have pulled the original service that ran at this time that we both used to get. Then the next one is fastest of all, only 53 minutes but won't give me enough time to get to the conference and sign in I don't think...

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Looking forward to this, have mentioned it before, it was originally mooted as "Syntax Era" but will actually be called Micro Men. A chum is producer or something for the show, but I didn't find out until after it was all made, could have got me as an extra in it or something.

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