Blog2009 ≫ Another brace of Habitat Radius chairs

AND we got our flat valued yesterday.

150 quid1, collect from Reading. Not buying any more furniture any time soon in case we sell the flat. Had it valued yesterday, would be very nice to think it would actually sell for the prices the estate agents quoted. Going to get one more valuation and then put it on the market! The end of an era!

Always thought we'd keep this flat forever, and just rent it out when we moved on, but I'm not sure we need the extra responsibility of being landlords, arranging repairs, worrying about void periods and tax and so on, now we have little one to concentrate on.

So if you're looking for a big two bed flat in the West End of Folkestone, stay tuned... I've said it before but don't mind repeating myself, this is the nice bit of Folkestone, yes of course there is a nice bit.

We have loads of Habitat Radius furniture, probably a bit too much. But I'm always on the look out for a bit more. I will one day get back to posting the good ebay deals up here. My favourite piece is the tallboy, we have three of these. The others have one each, I gave up mine when thing two was born and thought "I'll replace that soon"... I like the little side tables that we have in our lounge now, but I don't really love the wardrobe, even though we have two of them. It's too square, not curved enough. I'd still love a blanket box, and I wish there was a super long version of the coffee table that I could put on the lounge wall under my TV... Anyway search here until I get back into posting my top recommendations

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