Blog2005 ≫ Commuting news

Just for the sake of making a new post, as I've not had time to write up my holiday honeymoon yet, and I want to push those pirate pictures down the page a bit... Our commute starts five minutes earlier now, the trains no long start at Folkestone, the line between us and Dover is open again, so there are people on the trains before we get there! We're in danger of losing our table! Major changes are we're starting out five minutes earlier. This is better for Clare, this train goes direct in to Charing Cross, but for me this means a much healthier walk each way. So I am walking twice as far at each end, and not getting in any earlier, but it's a bit of exercise innit.

Clare's taken the camera today, as she's seeing friendly squirrels every day, hope she gets some good shots and they don't mug her for it. Not sure you can trust these London squirrels. Some squirrel pics below, will be replaced with any shots Clare gets when we next upload...

Tales of San Francisco, Monterey, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles are coming soon. Promise.

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